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Weird Alice Samigina

The Artwork is A4 in size, drawn and painted on heavy cartridge paper, which is provisionally entitled: The Conjuration Of Wyrd Alice Samigina.

The Artwork was done in Pencil, Pen brush and Ink pen. I used Derwent and Prismalo Aquarelle Water-Paint Pencils to color in the Artwork, which I then 'painted' the finer details.

Samigina is a spirit of the 'Luna' sphere who is listed in a medieval Grimoire, entitled the Goetia. The spirit is classically described as initially manifesting as a small Horse/Pony or Ass, when the spirit is conjured amidst the 'Triangle Of Art' imagination.

Samigina is otherwise depicted as a Succubus Pony-Girl looking like a Goth-Girl Ghost-Witch version of Alice In Wonderland. The sigil on her right shoulder is derived from the Goetia.

The word Weird is originally derived from the Anglo-Saxon word, Wyrd, which in general describes a webbed interconnection with all things and the experience of synchronicity.

The Artwork is featured in my published books.